September 11, 2014

Signing Your Life Away for Further Education

Now, under no circumstances did I think I was the only one to be battling with student loan debts.  I know that there are others going through the same issues I am, when it comes to paying back student loans.

I couldn't help but feel so alone and depressed the day I opened my loan bill to see that I owed over $100,000.  Granted, I completed both my bachelors and master's degree, but who in the heck was I going to start making payments on these loans when I still can't get into the career field?!  Luckily, I had a conversation with my loan company and found out that because I am not working in the career field, I do not have to pay my loans right away.

However, not every one is so lucky.  I just found out a friend of my aunt is in a much more devastating situation.  Her student loans are threatening to take her house from her!  I do not know all the details but I just don't understand these loan companies.  Honestly, if people were making money in their career field they just might be able to make payments on their student loans.  Of course, it would help if going to college would not cost so much.  Cherly Johnson is definitely a very strong woman because she is fighting toe and nail to keep her house.  She is actually raising money right now to walk from Bridgton, Me to Portland, Me (40 MILES!!!) in one day.  This determined lady has already gained enough support to earn $47 per mile!  Her ultimate goal is to earn $100 a mile.  On top of walking the 40 miles, she is going to be promoting her child's book character, Mish (a mushroom man) in hope to generate some more book sales.

I love what Cherly is doing.  If you would like to check out her books, click here.  You can also check out her website.  I also want to hear your thoughts on student loans and share your stories.  If we don't speak up about what is not working, nothing will change!!!

-Rambling Holly

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