October 31, 2014

Reminder!!!! Last Day to Print!

I know that we all may have a bunch of things going on and I just wanted to remind you that today is your last day to score this coupons....so get you printers ready....

Red Plum

***Also, don't forget SavingStar, Ibotta and Checkout 51!

-Rambling Holly


Got the low down on some great opportunities for all us bloggers looking for some extra traffic.  As always, just let them know Rambling Thoughts sent ya.

Thankful for the Memories Giveaway (begins 11/1)

Get Cookin' for the Holidays Giveaway (begins 11/1)

Holiday Gift Guide (begins 11/10)

Colavita Giveawaway (begins 11/20)

-Rambling Holly

Freebie List

Got some more freebies for us to snag!

Krispy Kreme Doughnut (at Krispy Kremem, stop by wearing your costume)

Scary Face Halloween Pancake for Kids (at IHOP, must be under the age of 12)

Any Size Coffee (at Cumberland Farms)

Trident Gum 18 pk

10 Febreeze Set and Refresh (at Target, use 4 B1G1 coupon 10/26 P&G insert, use $1.50/2 coupon 10/26 P&G insert, get 2 $5 Target Gift Card and submit $5 SavingStar Offer)

Hugo Boss Fragrance Sample

Trial to Rhapsody

Welcome Mat & Tote Bags (for Small Businesses)

40 Apps From Amazon

Sample Box (from SampleSource)

Kids Smoothies (at Jamba Juice stores, children 8 and under, between 2 pm to 7 pm)

20 Huggies Wipes pks (at Family Dollar, use $10 gift code by texting TEN to 64524, get $20 off at checkout and use 10 $1/2 coupon 9/14 SS insert)

Quest Bar Sample

Kids Meal (at Outback, just say, "Free Kids Meal" to server)

Halloween Treat (at Build-a-Bear)

Halloween Treat (at LEGO stores, just wear costume to store)

Sun-Maid 100th Anniversary Cook Book

Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Moisturizer Sample

Perfect Touch Flavored Gloves Sample

-Rambling Holly

October 30, 2014

Kindle Books: Horror

With Halloween tomorrow, it is a perfect time to stock up on some horror books.

Bloodlines by Bradley Convissar (426 pages)
Sanctuary 12 by T. W. Malpass (401 pages)
Ghosts of Demons Past by Matt Schiariti (351 pages)
Small Things by Joe DeRouen (326 pages)
Pretty in Black by Rae Hachton (314 pages)
Horror Stories by Jack Kilborn...(296 pages)
Donners of the Dead by Karina Halle (287 pages)
Desecration by J.F. Penn (266 pages)
A Child for the Devil by Conrad Jones (235 pages)
Fractured Legacy by Skye Callahan (150 pages)

Mushroom Brown Rice

Mushroom Brown Rice

What you need:

2 c. cooked brown rice
1 c. diced mushroom
1/2 c. diced onions
1 tbsp. minced garlic


Combine all the ingredients into one pot.  Cover and cook on medium heat for 2-3 minutes.  ENJOY!

-Rambling Holly

School Shootings

With the recent school shootings, it is time to speak on this matter.  I first want to say that by no means does this discussion take away that people lost their lives and my deepest sympathies goes out to all the families that lost someone from a school shooting.

Now, I am going to throw this out there and it may be tough to swallow but I have to say it.  What about the person who was hurting so bad that they decided to take control and shot people.  What about the shooter's family...after all, they lost their loved one too.

I am going to dip into my psychology background a bit and start off by talking about the person that decided to take other peoples' lives.  What caused them to take such drastic measures?  Most of the time these people feel like they are not being heard or that nothing is being done to solve their problems.  Let's face it, a bunch of kids and teens are bullied to excess and there is nothing they can do to stop the bullying.  Or there are kids/teens that are mistreated at home and there school doesn't notice it but to the teen/kid it feels like they don't care.  I knew a person in this situation.  He was abused by his guardian, whipped with extension cords and more.  When he went to school, he refuse to change his clothes for p.e. which would result in him failing the class.  None of the teachers noticed his back wounds or took the time to ask him why he refused to change out.  He looked at is as none of his teachers cared but in all actually, his teachers were probably like many other teachers....overworked and overextended with all workload they have.  I say all of this to just say that we have to make some time to check in on our kids/teens (even if we are not the parents, "it takes a village").  We also have to stop the bullying....make it something that is not tolerated at all.

To finish off my rant, we also need to think about the family of the person who took all their lives and most likely took their own life.  Not only do they have to mourn the lose of their loved one but they also have to deal with the fact that their loved one took other peoples' lives.  Sometimes these families may feel like they have to suffer in silence because the families of the victims.  As hard as it may be, everyone has to open their hearts and minds and realize that we all mourn and maybe if everyone worked together, they could develop a program to make sure this tragic event never happens again!

What are your thoughts?  I want to hear what you have to say on this matter.

-Rambling Holly

October 29, 2014

Kindle Books: Fantasy/Science Fiction

Here is some more free kindle books for y'all...

Courtlight Series Boxed Set by Terah Edun (731 pages)
The Tube Riders by Chris Ward (449 pages)
The Omega War by Bradley Ramsey (444 pages)
Marking Time by April White (441 pages)
DeadBorn by C.M. Stunich (310 pages)
Of Light and Darkness by Shayne Leighton (294 pages)
Happily Ever Afterlife by J.A. Campbell...(270 pages)
Dream Student by J.J. DiBenedetto (287 pages)
The Rogue Fairy: Curse of the Queen of Spades by T.H. Waters (259 pages)
Reluctantly Lycan by Jez Strider (202 pages)

Starbucks Frappuccinos

I have been trying a bunch of different drinks lately, so that is what this week's review is about!  Starbucks Frappuccios.  Now there are a few different flavors: Coffee, French Vanilla (I think), Mocha and Caramel.

They are on the expensive side....$4.99 for a 4 pk.  So, is it worth the cost of about $1.25 for 9 oz?  Click here to watch my video review.  Also, share your thoughts with me on your favorite wake-me up drink.

-Rambling Holly

Mailbox Freebies

I definitely need to get my mailman something for Christmas with all the hard work he does just delivering all my freebies.  I received another free issue of The Red Bulletin.  What did y'all get today....it is bragging time!

-Rambling Holly

1 Year of Parenthood Celebration Giveaway

Welcome to the First Birthday Gift Guide Giveaway! Welcome to the First Birthday Gift Guide Giveaway! first birthday gift guide giveaway

Hosted by: Moms and Crafters

Moms and Crafter's big boy has just turned one! With so many people asking around about the perfect first birthday gift, Moms and Crafters has put together a 1st birthday gift guide, together with the ultimate list of best gifts for a first birthday, from the perspective of a mom. You can check out more of the features of the Year of Parenthood Celebration event, including loads of 1st birthday resources, with more coming soon! To top it off, Moms and Crafters arranged this amazing giveaway! One winner will receive the entire prize pack, valued at approximately $258! Check out the reviews on each of the prizes below, then enter to win.

First Birthday Gift Guide Giveaway Prize List:

first birthday gift guide giveaway

Bright Starts Hide n Spin Monkey | ARV $40

This fun, friendly monkey is a favorite! Put the balls in the monkey's hat, and watch them spill out of the barrel. With loads of lights and sounds, baby is sure to be entertained for hours.

Bright Starts 3 in 1 Step n Ride Li0n | ARV $40

Another great toy from Bright Starts! A year is the perfect time to learn new skills such as walking and riding... This versatile convertible toy will save you lots of space as it converts from a ride-on to a walker!

Freshly Picked Moccasins | ARV $60

These fun leather soft shoes are perfect to keep feet warm! They are great for new walkers who do better then they can feel the floor.

Menucha Mommy 'n Me Bracelet Set | ARV $30

A great gift for a little girl, this adorable gift set indulges Mommy as well. Because, isn't she the one who has been investing lots of love this past year?

Austin Lloyd Mystery Box | ARV $50

This subscription box is full of age-appropriate toys. Everything in it is eco-friendly and non-electronic. It features high quality toys that will delight baby again and again.

Funbites | ARV $13

This easy to use food cutter will cut baby's food to bite size pieces in one quick, easy step. It comes with a popper to pop the food out of the holes. Available in 3 shapes and many vivid colors.

Yummi Pouch Brights Set | ARV $15

Reusable food pouches are a great way to do teach baby to self-feed while saving money. You can choose what your baby eats, while doing something good for our earth.

That's Not My Tractor | ARV $10

This fun book is a touchy feely book by Usborne to develop sensory awareness. It's a board book so it's more durable for little ones. (If out of stock, it will be replaced with a different book of similar value.) Open to residents of the US ages 18+. Enter to win using the giveaway tools form below:

Disclaimer: Sponsors mentioned above are responsible for prize fulfillment. Moms and Crafters and the participating blogs can not be held responsible for sponsors who do not follow through. Moms and Crafters received these items free from the company for review purposes. No compensation monetary or otherwise was received for the running of this giveaway. If you'd like to see your brand featured on Moms and Crafters, contact Menucha at menucha@momsandcrafters.com

-Rambling Holly

Freebie List

Did someone say FREE!!!!  I don't know about y'all but I love that word...check out what's up for grabs today!

Poise Pads Sample

SweetLeaf Organic Stevia Sweetener (Mom Meet Ambassadors)

Full-Size Aquaphor Product (first 2,500 at 3 pm est)

Southern Breeze Sweet Tea Sample***

2 Energizer MAX Batteries 8 ct. (at Walmart, use 2 $1/1 coupon and submit for $10 Walmart Gift Card)

Glamour Magazine Subscription

Sundown Naturals Adult Multi-vitamin Gummies

Rhodes Christmas Baking Party (qualify through House Party)

2 Jergens Moisturizers (at CVS, use $1.50/1 coupon 10/5 SS insert and get $5 ECB)

2 Alka-Seltzer (at Target, use 2 $2/1 coupon 10/12 RP insert and get $5 Target Gift Card)

Truvia Natural Sweetener Sample

Box of Samples from SampleSource (must join)***

15 Classic Rock Icons Songs

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Sample (Pillsbury Members, check your emails)

Stetson Caliber Cologne Sample

*** = Ones I snagged

-Rambling Holly

October 28, 2014

Quick &Tasty Steak & Veggies

Quick & Tasty Steak & Veggies

What you need:

Strip Steak (I used Tyson Grilled & Ready)
3 lg carrots
1 medium onion
1 box Green Giant Steamers sugar snap peas
1/2 c. frozen broccoli
1 pkt. Kikkoman Stir Fry
3 tbsp. teriyaki sauce
2 tbsp. minced garlic
2 tsp seasame oil


1.  In a large pan or skillet over medium-high heat,  heat oil, minced garlic, teriyaki sauce and steak.  Cook until steak is heated thoroughly (cook time varies based on what you use and preferred doneness), between 5-10 minutes.

2.  Wash carrots and cut down to bite sizes.  Slice up onions.

3.  Add all vegetables to the meat.  Cook until veggies are crispy tender, 4-5 minutes.

4.  Make up the Stir Fry as directed and add steak and vegetables.  Cook for 1-2 minutes.  Enjoy!!!

-Rambling Holly

Giveaways/Instant Wins List

I know I promote my own giveaways a bunch, however, this is a list of great instant wins and my giveaways...I don't want you to miss your chance at winning!!!

Reveal Your Glamorous Look Giveaway (ends Today)

Holiday of Surprises Giveaway Week 1 (ends Today)

Neutrogena Bundle & $25 American Express Gift Card Giveaway (ends Today)

Lacie Girl Giveaway (ends 10/30)

Babies R Us Halloween Giveaway (ends 10/31)

Big Book of Savings Giveaway (ends 10/31)

$250 Target Gift Card Giveaway (ends 11/3)

Wishful Thinking $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway (ends 11/4)

Patriot Fire Pit Giveaway (ends 11/14)

$100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway (ends 11/15)

Jack Templar and the Lord of the Werewolves Book Blast $50 Amazon or Paypal Giveaway (ends 11/4)

Jack Templar and the Lord of the Werewolves Book Tour $25 Amazon or Paypal Giveaway (ends 11/4)

Pastries, Pumps, & Pi Giveaway (ends 12/15)

Coca-Cola Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Card Instant Win Game (ends 11/2)

Bahama Breeze Rumtoberfest Instant Win Game (ends 11/2)

Keri Lotion ‘Favorite Things’ Instant Win Game (ends 11/3)

Krusteaz Flatbread Instant Win Game (ends 11/6)

Orbitz Instant Win Game (ends 11/13)
-Rambling Holly

Mailbox Freebies

Oh my gosh!!!  Let me know what you got, if you got some freebies in the mail.  I received two free samples of Truvia along with a $2/1 coupon.

-Rambling Holly

Freebie List

What are y'all doing this morning?!  How about some freebies!!!

Poker Deck & Custom Tin

Dimetapp Children’s Cold & Cough Product (qualify through Smiley360)

8 People Magazine Country Music MP3 Downloads

2 OxiClean Automatic Dishwasher Detergent (at Rite Aid, use $2.25/2 coupon and get 2 $2 +Up Rewards)

Sears Gift Card (Shop You Way Rewards members)

Colgate Toothpaste (at Walgreens, use $0.75/1 coupon and get $3 Register Rewards)

Uriel’s Chasm PC Game Download

Disney Family Decal

Salada Tea Sample

4 Bic Razors (at Kmart, use 4 $2/1 coupon 10/19 SS insert)

Nivea Eye Shadow (qualify through Toluna)

Good Cook Product (first 30, at 3 pm est, daily)

Chicken of the Sea Flavored Salmon Coupon (click "Get Coupon")

2 Alka Seltzer (at Target, use 2 $2/1 coupon 10/12 RP insert and get $5 Target Gift Card)

-Rambling Holly

October 27, 2014

Kindle Books: Children's

Here is another list of great children's kindle books that are absolutely FREE!

The Remaining by Travis Thrasher...(369 pages)
Avis Blackthorn Is Not an Evil Wizard by Jack Simmonds (279 pages)
Alphabet All-Stars Animal Pack: Volume One by Scott Gordon (208 pages)
Sword Bearer by Teddy Jacobs (158 pages)
Witch Rising by Amber Argyle (46 pages)
Wish of The Rainbow Fish by Pat Hatt...(44 pages)
Ghosties by Gerald Hawksley (33 pages)
The Witch's Garden by Louise Lintvelt...(32 pages)
How to Pick a Pumpkin by Sally Huss (32 pages)
Don't Judge An Alligator By Its Teeth! by Kevin Ocasio...(31 pages)

Cooking Tip: Working with Tomato Paste

I love being in the kitchen and learning about new tips and ideas that will make my time in the kitchen easier.  With this being said, I have plenty of recipes that call for tomato paste.

Before we go any further, if you didn't know, you can purchase tomato paste in a can or tube.  Now, buy the paste in the tube is more expensive (about $0.40 more) however, the paste in the tube lasts approximately 25 days longer than the paste left in an opened can.  (You should not be storing the paste in an opened can, anyways.  Not only does the paste spoil faster but it is just putting yourself at risk for bacteria because the can is not sealed and the can could rust which changes the paste's flavor.)

I don't know about y'all but I hate having to buy it when the recipe only calls for a spoonful...then you are left with a bunch of paste that is probably just going to get thrown away.  So, here is how to store the leftover paste for future use:

Canned paste: lasts 12-18 months in the pantry, 5-7 days in the refrigerator, or 2-3 months in the freezer

Tubed paste: lasts 24-36 months in the pantry and 1 -2 months in the refrigerator

***Bonus Tip:  You don't have to worry about thawing paste to cook with it...just use in frozen***

Thank you, All You magazine!!!

-Rambling Holly

Rambling's Giveaways: Week of 10/27

I have been working with some amazing people and I am able to bring y'all these amazing giveaways...don't miss your chance at winning some great prizes!!!

$250 Target Gift Card Giveaway (ends 11/3)

Wishful Thinking $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway (ends 11/4)

Patriot Fire Pit Giveaway (ends 11/14)

$100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway (ends 11/15)

Jack Templar and the Lord of the Werewolves Book Blast $50 Amazon or Paypal Giveaway (ends 11/4)

Jack Templar and the Lord of the Werewolves Book Tour $25 Amazon or Paypal Giveaway (ends 11/4)

1 Yr. of Parenthood Celebration Giveaway (ends 11/28)

Pastries, Pumps, & Pi Giveaway (ends 12/15)

-Rambling Holly

Mailbox Freebies

It is that time again, what did your mailbox have waiting on you?  My dry spell is broken...I receive another issue of Us Weekly and Rolling Stones in the mail today!

-Rambling Holly

October 25, 2014

Did ya Know Fact

-Rambling Holly

Quote of the Week

-Rambling Holly

Freebie List: Weekend Edition

Now of course I have found some great freebies for us to snag throughout the weekend....check them out...


Star Magazine Subscription

$0.25/1 Wesson® Cooking Oil

Halloween Comic (at Comic Shops)

Oxygen Magazine Subscription

AVEENO Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream Sample***

$50 from Capital One 360 Checking (just make 3 transactions within 45 days)
$0.50/1 Lawry's® Seasoning

Cosmopolitan Magazine Subscription

Gucci Premiere Fragrance Sample
$0.50/1 Lawry's® Marinade

K-Y Liquibeads (from Smiley360, must qualify)

OK! Magazine Digital Subscription

$1 Tyson Chicken Coupon

Ultimate Flora Sample

2 Breadsticks (at Sbarro, just submit your email address and they will send you a coupon)

Olay Facial Cleansing Cloths (at CVS, use $4/1 coupon 10/5 one page flyer)

2015 Tauck Travel Wall Calendar

Still Available:

Cadbury Screme Egg (SATURDAY and SUNDAY)

Yogi Tea Sample Pack (for your friend)

Cabinet Safety Latch Kit

Butterfly Body Liners Sample

Cesar Dog Food Sample

Dove Advanced Oxygen Moisture Shampoo Sample

Pantene Smooth And Sleek Shampoo And Conditioner Sample

Halloween Activities (at Bass Pro Shop)

Jiffy Recipe Cookbook

Atkins Starter Kit

Starting Sunday:

Colgate Toothpaste (at Rite Aid, use $1/1 coupon and get $3 +Up Rewards)

Dean's French Onion Dip (at Walgreens, use $1/1 coupon)

Nature Made Vitamin D VitaMelts (at Rite Aid, use $3/1 coupon and $1/1 Rite Aid coupon and get $4 +Up Rewards)

*** = ones I signed up for

-Rambling Holly