October 23, 2014

Black Friday Shopping or Not

So, I know that some of us really do not want to think about how soon Christmas is approaching us but it is inevitable.  With that in mind, many of us do what we can to make our money to stretch so that we can provide even just on gift for our loved ones on Christmas.

There is a big emphasis put on Black Friday shopping to save money on gifts.  I have seen other people (fellow bloggers) save thousands of dollars by shopping on Black Friday.  However, I am not really sure if it is worth not being able to sleep after waking up early to cook a Thanksgiving dinner and start shopping at midnight.  Not to mention the waiting in the cold (I live in Maine) or the rude people that tends to be out trying to score deals.  Not to mention, I have heard the horror stories where people where injured because they were trampled on and more.

I have never gone full blown Black Friday shopping but there was one year I did go out to score a great deal on a digital camera.  That was all I went out for and when I went to Walmart, it took me literally an hour just to get through the line (specifically for the camera) and get out.  While I was in line, I was getting pushed and bumped into and all I heard was complaining people.  I thought this was suppose to be a time of giving and for people to be cheery.  Boy was I wrong.

I have to admit though, once I get that day off from work and I have the cash, I really want to go Black Friday shopping.  I would love to be able to provide a bunch of gifts for my family and save thousands of dollars.  I think when I do go, I will bring my earbuds and tune out everyone so that I don't have to hear all the negativity.

What are y'all's thoughts?  Have you ever gone Black Friday shopping?  If so, how much did you save?  Do you think it was worth your time?  If you haven't gone Black Friday shopping yet, do you think you ever will?

-Rambling Holly

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