October 9, 2014

Get Checked!!!!

It is October and if you haven't been living under a rock, you would know that it is Breast Cancer Awareness.  Now, I am not writing this post to say that breast cancer is a more important topic than any other cancer....I am writing about breast cancer because it has touched my family twice now and I believe this is a time to honor those that we lost or those who won their battle with breast cancer.

I lost both my maternal grandmother and paternal aunt to breast cancer.  My grandmother was able to live a much longer life than my aunt.  My grandmother opted to have a mastectomy to remove the troubled breast.  She went into remission for approximately 5 years just for it to come back full-blown and spread like wildfire.  She passed on after slipping into a coma.

My aunt and I was really close when I was younger, prior to moving to Florida.  While in Florida, I heard from my brother that she was diagnosed with cancer and went into remission for about 5-6 years and then was re-diagnosed with cancer went back into remission for another 6-7 years for it to only come back and take her life in less than a year's time.  My aunt was in her early 40's when she died and she left behind not only a son but a grandson too.

Having a family history of cancer, puts that person at a higher risk for having cancer too.  This is why women, like Angelina Jolie, are testing to see if they have the gene, BRCA1 that has been linked to carry a much higher risk for developing breast cancer.  However, there is no sure fire way to avoid breast cancer.  The only thing we can do (yes, both men and women) is to get checked annually by our doctors.

Now, we may not be able to prevent developing cancer, however, I know of some people that radically changed their lifestyle after being diagnosed and has remained cancer free for 10+ years.  One woman was actually diagnosed with terminal cancer (she was told she had 6 months to a year at most to live) and after changing her lifestyle to where she takes better care of her body, she has been cancer free for over 10 years.  She exercises everyday (walks at least 1 mile a day) and she eats cleaner by cutting out all processed foods, all gmo foods and all sugars.  So, knowing this, you have to raise your eyebrow at the fact that this woman was able to live well past her expectancy just by cutting off all the crappy food "they" are trying to sell to us and exercising more.

What are you thoughts?  Has your family been touched my cancer?  Do you feel the BRCA1 gene is really a telltale sign that you could develop cancer?  Just let me know what y'alls thoughts are on this topic.

-Rambling Holly

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