October 4, 2014

Quote of the Week

I don't know about y'all but I hope to inspire people to do better and be better.  This doesn't just mean people need to do and be better people to others and our environment (that is sometimes an understatement depending on who we are referring to) but we also have to do better and be better people to ourselves.  We have to learn to appreciate and celebrate the little things and the little wins that we accomplish.

I believe allowing myself to celebrate little wins and accomplishments is what got me through those tough classes in my bachelors and masters degrees.  Even now, I can celebrate the fact that by myself I was able to accomplish earning both my bachelor's degree and master's degree online while working full-time, even though I am not finished with my education completely (still need to go back to get my doctorate's).  Other small wins could be going your first day without a smoke or a drink, completing your second day of exercising.  Happy moments are those that make us feel good and provide us with the motivation to keep us going.  If we do not stop and take the time to acknowledge and enjoy these moments, our lives are going to be unfulfilling and depressing most of the time.  But don't let me be the only one ramblin' on, share with me y'all's thoughts.

-Rambling Holly

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