November 10, 2014

Kitchen Tip: Mastering the Microwave

Now this week's tip is not to say that we are all morons and do not know how to use a microwave.  This is just a tip on how to get more use out of the microwave that just reheating leftovers.  In fact, there are 3 settings that will help you get more uses out of your microwave:

Defrost:  This allows the microwave to run on a lesser power.  This is perfect to use when trying to soften cream cheese or butter.

Convection:  This means that there is a fan blowing the hot air, evenly heating up the interior, which allows the food to cook much faster than in a conventional oven.

Combination:  This is the combination of both microwave mode and convection will cook faster and will brown.

Thank you, Weight Watchers!

-Rambling Holly

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