December 6, 2014

Kindle Books: Action/Adventure

Got some more free kindle books to add to your collection...

Harbinger of Doom by Glenn G. Thater (528 pages)
Alexandria by John Kaden (444 pages)
Redemption: 2022 by Ever N. Hayes (406 pages)
Hybrid by Justin Anderson (397 pages)
Brothers Of The Sword/Children Of Time by Michael Reisig (345 pages)
Emergency Exit: 2020 by Ever N. Hayes (328 pages)
Dome City Blues by Jeff Edwards (318 pages)
Jake Fonko M.I.A. by B. Hesse Pflingger (286 pages)
The Dream Merchant by Andrew James Walker (264 pages)
The Last Dreamer by Nicholas Erik (213 pages)

-Rambling Holly
Claus by Tony Bertauski

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