December 10, 2014

Kindle Books: Fantasy/Science Fiction

I found some more great kindle books to add to your collection!

Overworld Chronicles Books 1-2 by John Corwin (701 pages)
Auraria by Tim Westover (386 pages)
Time Change by Alex Myers (338 pages)
Night's Favour by Richard Parry (309 pages)
Ever Shade by Alexia Purdy (304 pages)
Insider X by Dave Buschi (304 pages)
Seducer Fey by Cullyn Royson (282 pages)
Lodestone: Witch Hunt by Wendy Scott (239 pages)
Evan Burl and the Falling by Justin Blaney (215 pages)
Sweet Magic Song by Olivia Hardin (206 pages)

-Rambling Holly
Marked by Sarah Fine

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