December 24, 2014

Kindle Books: Fantasy/Science Fiction

"T'was the night before Christmas, not a creature was stirring" because they all checked out my list of great free kindle books.

Courtlight Series Boxed Set by Terah Edun (731 pages)
The Sunken by S.C. Green (520 pages)
Nighthawk by Marie Frances (414 pages)
The Forever King by Warren Murphy....(368 pages)
Soul by Claire Farell (339 pages)
The Rest Falls Away by Colleen Gleason (300 pages)
Grip of Mortality by C.L. Foster...(237 pages)
Special Offers by M.L. Ryan (217 pages)
Fade to Black by Time McBain...(212 pages)
Forest of the Forbidden by W.J. May...

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