January 7, 2015

Great Value Mountain Trail Mix

With the new year upon us, most people are trying to be healthier and eat healthier.  With this in mind, it is a most to find healthy snacks.

Let's face it, not all healthy snacks are tasty and not all snacks worth the expense. Trail mix is one of those snacks that are commonly used as a healthy alternative.  I have always had a hard time enjoying trail mix though because I don't really care for nuts.  Well, there are only a few different kinds of nuts that I like.

Walmart has a bunch of different trail mixes to choose from, such as cajun, peanut butter and of course the one I chose which is Mountain.  You can snag a 27 oz. bag for about $5-$6 I believe.

So, what is in the mix?  Is it worth the money?  Click here to check out my video review.

-Rambling Holly

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