January 15, 2015

Mandatory Community Service for High School Diploma?!

So, I am sure that everyone has had to deal with their own weird rules and requirements when it came to graduating high school.  For me, I had to pass the FCAT test that was implemented to assess how well the school is providing academic information to its' students.  The better overall score for the school, the more funding the school received.  But it became mandatory for the students to pass the test in order to receive their diploma.
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Now that I live in Maine, I am realizing there are different requirements to earn a high school diploma.  It is no longer about going to school and making passing grades.  Here in Maine, some high school students have to complete a certain amount of community service hours on top of completing their school work and making passing grades.

I am all for teaching the younger generation to give back to the community.  That is a great life skill to learn.  However, it is not something that should be mandatory!  I understand that it is not that many hours to complete ( about 40 hours) by the time they graduate but I just do not agree on making it mandatory.

Ramblings Thoughts Mandatory Community Service for High School Diploma?!Like I said, I love the idea of students going out into the community, but what if they don't have time.  After all, there are those students that have hours and hours of extra-curricular activities such as sports and groups.  There are also those students that have jobs too.  What happens to those students?  Or what about those students that do not have transportation to get to and from community service locations?  I believe if the school is going to make it a requirement for students to complete these hours, then they should provide transportation to those who need it.

What do y'all think?  Do you agree with me or do you think I am wrong?  Let me know your thoughts.  You never know, if you have a different opinion and we talk about it, I might see your side and change my opinion.  Let this be a growing experience and share your thoughts with me.

-Rambling Holly

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