January 1, 2015

#NoMore Movement

Rambling Thoughts' #NoMore Join the Discussion
So, this week's discussion is going to probably be the most touchy subject I have talked about so far.  With the new year, it is all about personal growth for me but I have been dragging my feet about doing this post for a few weeks now.  I know that I must speak on this subject.

I am not sure if you seen the commercials about the movement #NoMore.  I did and of course being the curious self that I am, I went on the internet to check it out.  No More is a public awareness movement fighting to end domestic violence and sexual assault.  The stats on both problems are astonishing.  It is time for these two topics to be talked about so that we can end all this injustice.  If you would like to connect with No More, click here to check out their website and click here to connect to their Facebook!

The reason this movement is so close to me is because I was molested by 1 male that was suppose to be a family member and 1 male that was suppose to be a family friend.  I also watched my mother and brother get abused and there were many points where I was scared about the whole situation.  The sexual abuse ended when I was 5 years old but when it all came out, I felt dirty and confused.  At 5 years old, I could not understand what was going on.  On top of trying to deal with being hurt, my family automatically got divided because some sided with the abuser while the others sided with me.  My brother was upset with me for breaking up our family.  He was only 9 and even though he knew that he was being beat, all he wanted is for our family to be all under the same roof.

It has been a long road, but thankfully my mother has been by my side the whole way and she believed me.  I did have some issues in my teenage years but I have grown and learned some much along the way.  I am no longer defining myself as a victim or a survivor.....I am ....ME!  I ended up going to college to obtain my Master's degree in psychology (and plan on getting my Doctorate's soon) so that I can help children and teens how were sexually assaulted.  I know that my story is nothing compared to some other peoples' stories but I hope I am able to help someone realize it is better to talk about what happened.

It is time to end the say, "What happens in this house, stays in this house".  Nothing gets resolved and no one can heal if it is left hidden.  Please join me and sign the pledge.  If you would like, share your stories with me and we can start to open up and end the shame and embarrassment.

-Rambling Holly

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