February 27, 2015

Kindle Books: Young Adult

Got some teens that you want to read some more....check out these free books!!!
Rambling Thoughts' list of 10 free young adult kindle books

Belvedor and the Four Corners by Ashleigh Bello (522 pages)
Four and a Half Shades of Fantasy by W.J. May...(521 pages)
Out Of Darkness by Jason D. Morrow (469 pages)
Shattered Rose by Tammy L. Gray (385 pages)
Kiss Of Fire by Rebecca Ethington (374 pages)
The Power to See by Jennifer Anne Davis (347 pages)
Rise of The Black Hand by C.J. Fella (310 pages)
Slightly Stalky by Amy Vansant (287 pages)
Stray by Andrea K. Host (280 pages)
Vampire in Denial by Dale Mayer (215 pages)

-Rambling Holly

Sia by Josh Grayson

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