March 26, 2015

Food-Saving Tip: The Upside-Down Trick

Rambling Thoughts' food-saving tip for cottage cheese, yogurt and sour cream
I don't know about y'all but I don't have the money to keep throwing food out just because I did not use it up fast enough.  Products like sour cream, yogurt and cottage cheese are all items that I tend to buy but sometimes forget they are in my frig.

Of course, they have begun to separate.  I hate opening up the sour cream and there is an inch of liquid on top of the cream....GROSS!!!  Not saying this is the point that I throw it out, but it is just gross.  I do know plenty of people that will throw out products at this point though.

Well, the trick to making sour cream, cottage cheese and yogurt last longer is to store them upside down in your frig.  This way the liquid will no longer be right there on top of all the cream.  ***Just make sure the lid is secure or you will have a mess in your frig.  Problem solved!!!

Thank you, Life Hacks!!!

-Rambling Holly

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