April 27, 2015

Food Tip: Shelf Life in the Refrigerator & Freezer

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Now, I know there is a guessing game when we open our frigs or freezers and see something that has been in there a long time and we wonder if it is still good.  Well, I found a great list of the shelf life for food in both refrigeration and freezer.

Salads (tuna, pasta, egg, ham, chicken): last 3 - 5 days in refrigerator....do not freeze

Hot dogs: lasts 1 week (if opened) or 2 weeks (unopened) in refrigerator.....lasts 1-2 months in freezer

Deli meat:  lasts 3-5 days (opened or deli sliced) or 2 weeks (unopened) in refrigerator....lasts 1-2 months in freezer

Bacon:  last 7 days in refrigerator....last 1 month in freezer

Sausage (any kind):  lasts 1-2 day in refrigeration....last 1-2 months in freezer

Ground Meat: lasts 1-2 days in refrigeration....lasts 3-4 months in freezer

Steaks: lasts 3-5 days in refrigeration....lasts 6-12 months in freezer

Chops: lasts 3-5 days in refrigeration....lasts 4-6 months in freezer

Roasts: last 3-5 days in refrigeration...lasts 4- 12 months in freezer

Fresh Poultry (whole): lasts 1-2 days in refrigeration...lasts 1 year in freezer

Fresh Poultry (pieces): lasts 1-2 days in refrigeration....last 9 months in freezer

Soups & Stews: lasts 3-4 days in refrigeration...last 2-3 months in freezer

Thank you, Food Safety!!!

I also have another post with freezer shelf lives if you want to check them out...click here.

-Rambling Holly

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