April 13, 2015

Kindle Books: Children's

Got some little ones in the house?!  How about getting them to love reading with these great kindle books.
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Steemjammer: Through the Verltgaat by John Eubank (344 pages)
Rae of Hope by WJ May (249 pages)
The Amulet by Alison Pensy (224 pages)
The Children of Eldritch Lane by Jenn Daugherty...(126 pages)
Game On Boys! by Kate Cullen (96 pages)
Bullied by Christopher Smith (75 pages)
Alf The Workshop Dog by Emma Calin...(63 pages)
Peewee the Playful Puppy by Uncle Amon (30 pages)
Walter Wolf Goes to School by Leela Hope (22 pages)
The Dragon Who Dared by David Lee Martin (18 pages)

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