May 16, 2015

Did ya Know?!

Rambling Thoughts, Did ya Know, Fact, Law, Illegal, School FactBefore you read this fact, I must let everyone know that by no means am I trying to bash any teachers.  I just thought this fact is interesting and can be used when needed.

According to the Geneva Convention's laws on collective punishment, it is illegal for a teach to keep a class after the school bell has rung as a form of punishment.

I wish I would have know this fact when I was in high school (not too long ago...ok, so maybe over 11 years ago).  There were a couple times when the teacher would hold us after the bell because we goofed off or talked too much.  I remember one class, the teacher held us late and a bunch of us missed our bus.  Needless to say, my mother made an appearance up at the school for that.

-Rambling Holly

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