May 14, 2015

Honest Reviews or Not?!

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So, I am sure you have seen plenty of bloggers, including myself, post reviews on products or companies.  The purpose of these reviews are to help you guys be introduced to products, services and companies that are worth the mention.  Or at least that is what I thought.

Within the last year of blogging, I have been approached by several companies to review their product, which means getting the product for free for me to test out but then they tell me to write a 5 star review for the product.  And some of them have told me that if I feel the product does not deserve a 5 star review, they ask me to not post a review.

What in the world?!  I am sorry but if you want promotion and you want people to spread the word about your product, you have to allow people to speak openly about that product and allow them to warn others about it.  A bad review does hinder the sales of that product but if the company would take the time to listen to what people are saying about the product and make the needed changes to fix what reviewers are saying does not work for them.

I don't know about the rest of the bloggers, but you, my readers, are the most important thing to me and I will not lie or withhold a bad review just because I got a free product or even if I was paid to review a company's product.  I would much rather lose out on a product than lose any trust I have with y'all when it comes to following my review before making a purchase.  After all, I know what it is like to live on a budget and who wants to spend money on something that does not work like to promotes?  At the end of the day, I wish there were more companies and bloggers like me that only provide honest reviews....good or bad.

What are your thoughts?  Have you come across reviews that were not valid?  Have you bought a product or service because of what a blogger has said about it?

-Rambling Holly

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