May 25, 2015

Life Hack Tip: How to be Wasp Free

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I know that I am not the only that enjoys time outside when the weather is beautiful.  I love cookouts and picnics or just spending time outside with my loved ones.  The only problem I run into from time to time is the occasional wasp.

This can be a big problem for me seeings how I am anaphylactic.  But, I just found a tip that will allow me to not have to worry about being stung by a wasp this year...

Apparently, all you have to do is fill containers with vinegar, salt and sugar.  Then all you do is place them around the yard.  Why does it work?!  Well, the sugar attacts the wasps while the salt and vinegar kills them.

Thank you, 1000 Life Hacks!!! 

-Rambling Holly

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