May 15, 2015

Quote of the Week

So I just found some great affirmations and one just spoke to me this week.

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"I no longer look outside of myself for validation, love and acceptance.
I know that true happiness and fulfillment is an inside job.
The more I love myself, the more love I have to give!"
-Michael Eisen

I think this is a very important post to share with everyone because I want to make sure those people out there that allow their happiness to be determined by someone else, shouldn't.  I know sometimes it is easier said then done but at the end of the day, it is only you that can create your own happiness.  If this means that you lose someone that you think is the one for you, then the unfortunate thing is that person was not meant to stay in your life.  Your happiness comes first and if you find yourself unhappy, then change your situation and the people in your life.

What do y'all think?  

-Rambling Holly

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