June 24, 2015

JustFab Review

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Now, I know that most of us have seen the commercial or have seen the ad on the web about JustFab.  It is suppose to be the place to go for really hot shoes (for women) at a steal of a price.  You can get two pairs of shoes for $39.95!  They have all kinds of shoes to choose from....boots, heels, wedges, and sneakers.  They come in many different colors and sizes.

Well, with all that being said, my sister's wedding is coming up and I wanted a nice pair of either wedges or heels to go with my dress and because I could not decide on either the wedges or the heels I got both for $39.95!

Click this link to watch my video review.  Is JustFab worth going through for shoes?  Well, that will be answered in my video review.

-Rambling Holly

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