July 3, 2015


It is that time again for all my fellow bloggers....it is time to sign up to help promote upcoming giveaways in exchange for some free social media promotion.
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$75 Red Lobster, Olive Garden Gift Card Giveaway (begins 7/12)

Baby Shower Event Giveaway (begins 7/14)

$50 Burlington Gift Card Giveaway (begins 7/22)

$50 Victoria Secret Gift Card Giveaway (begins 7/29)

Fall Fluff Giveaway (deadline 8/25)

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***If you are a blogger interested in guest blogging on Rambling Thoughts or would like Rambling Holly to guest blog on your blog, email ramblingholly@ramblingsthoughts.com***

***If you are looking to sponsor a giveaway, email me at ramblingholly@ramblingsthoughts.com with the details.***

-Rambling Holly

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