July 31, 2015


Good afternoon my fellow bloggers.  I got some great blogger opportunities to share with y'all.  They are mostly free opps but with paid options.  All you have to do is agree to promote a giveaway and your social media account will generate more traffic.
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The John Boos & Co Boos Block Giveaway (deadline TODAY)

Get Moving Giveaway (deadline 8/1)

HannahMax Baking Cookie Chips Giveaway (deadline 8/2)  Announcement Code

Summer Fishing/Camping Giveaway (begins 8/5)

Fall Fluff Giveaway (deadline 8/25)

Perks Robotics Event (begins: unknown)  PRICE: $10 for 2 links

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***If you are a blogger interested in guest blogging on Rambling Thoughts or would like Rambling Holly to guest blog on your blog, email ramblingholly@ramblingsthoughts.com***

***If you are looking to sponsor a giveaway, email me at ramblingholly@ramblingsthoughts.com with the details.***

-Rambling Holly

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