July 11, 2015

Kindle Books: Action/Adventure

Before I sign of for the night....check out the great reads I found that are free....just do me a favor....when you finish reading one of these books go to Amazon and leave a review on it....this will help the author out!
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Crowchanger by A.C. Smyth (437 page)
Shell Shock by Steve Stahl (439 pages)
Deadly Crossing by R.E. McDermott (414 pages)
The Taste of Cashews by Will Hartzell-Baird (386 pages)
The Ares Virus by A P Bateman (359 pages)
The Promise by D.D. Chant (354 pages)
Escape: A New Life by David Antocci (315 pages)
The Red Pearl Effect by Scott Corlett (310 pages)
New Dawn by Magus Tor (296 pages)
Mystery: Gone by S. C. King (275 pages)

-Rambling Holly
Run by Blake Crouch

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