July 13, 2015

Kindle Books: Children's

Alright, I found some great reads for y'all to share with your little ones!
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Diamonds Are A Teen's Best Friend by Allison Rushby (236 pages)
The Spirit Who Loved Me by Stacey Virginia Longmuir (230 pages)
Andy Lightfoot and the Time Warp by Dr. S. Henshon (221 pages)
The Flying Watermelon of Doom by Jim Gibson...(194 pages)
The Old Man and The King: The Ways of the Street by Joe Corso (168 pages)
The Ghoul of the School of Fools by Aldred Chase (84 pages)
Bored No More by Jen Burns (36 pages)
Goo and Spot in The Great Zoo Escape by Elsa Takaoka...(32 pages)
What's a Foster Family? by Anne Evans...(32 pages)
Princess Nancie by Leela Hope (21 pages)

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