July 30, 2015

Kindle Books: Horror

Got some great reads to share with y'all.  Just do me a favor and when you finish a book from this list head over to Amazon and leave a review on the book for the author!!!
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The Butcher''s List by Roger S. Williams...(449 pages)
Pieces of Ivy by Dean Covin (456 pages)
Hell by John Raptor...(358 pages)
dEaDINBUGH by Mark Wilson (350 pages)
The Crypt by Jonas Saul (342 pages)
Ashes of Betrayal by J. Dawn (305 pages)
The Man in the Black Top Hat by Ju Ephraime (298 pages)
Shades of Dreams: Book 2  by J. Dawn (295 pages)
Sex, Marry, Kill by Todd Travis (290 pages)
Because the Night by Kristen Strassel (255 pages)

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