July 2, 2015

WTH?! Man Beating Woman Means He Loves Her?!

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So, I found this story last week but because it made me so upset, I needed a week to think about what I wanted to say on this subject.
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Not too long ago, this woman (18 years old) Romina Garcia who calls herself a role model for teenage girls and has over 300,000 followers has made a big mistake that has cause a lot of people to be outraged.

I had to do some research because the article I read is this female who views herself as a role model, posted a video that told young females if their boyfriend or guy they are currently dating hits or beats them....they need to stay with that guy because he obviously loves that female.  She reasons that the man loves a female so much that he is willing to risk going to jail for putting "his female" in place.

So, I had to see if the could possibly be true.  Well, unfortunately, I found the video that Romina posted and I was not very pleased.  (Click here to view the video)  Romina promote that men are always to be in charge and it is a form of "amazing" love if he is willing to beat his woman to act right.  She also says if you are a female that is getting beat by your father than it is great because your father is preparing you for the real world and helping you get used to be beaten...that way you wont "be a baby about it" when a boyfriend beats you.

After seeing this video, I had to go check out her social media presence and from what I saw on her Facebook account, her social media pages keep getting shut down.  But as of right now, she has over 200,000 followers on Facebook and 149 followers on Twitter.  Then I stumbled upon this post on her Facebook:
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Are you kidding me?! Ok, I have to admit that this really outrages me but I have seen some of the comments people are leaving her....how she is stupid and all that.  Granted, she does have a warped sense of reality, especially if she is comparing what she has to say to what Martin Luther King has to say.  However, this is obviously is a female that needs to be shown that men are not suppose to hit a woman they love.  She obviously grew up with in an environment where that was acceptable.  But yet again, I watched a taping of her interview with Dr. Phil and found out one of her boyfriends beat her and she pressed charges but dropped them because he paid her $3000.

Instead of throwing a bunch of negativity her way, this incident should be used as a wake up call.  WE as a society, need to make sure that our girls grow up knowing that they have their own power and they should had more than enough self-worth and self-esteem to realize that no man could ever love a woman if he is willing to put his hands on her.

There are plenty of articles that take about making sure females give their man the lead....letting their man be in charge because it allows them to feel like a man.  Well, you can do that but a man should not be in charge of what his female can or cannot do and he certainly should not be putting his hands on her.  PERIOD!  So, Romina Garcia, I am sorry that you feel like you need that kind of attention.  You are a beautiful woman and you could use your voice to bring change.  You were able to shed light on the growing issue that some have forgotten about....domestic violence.  Know that you, Romina Garcia, are powerful enough to have good attention and strive to be that role model you say you are by showing young woman to seek positive attention.  I wish that you will open your mind to realize this.

-Rambling Holly

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