August 20, 2015

#AllLivesMatter Means ALL Lives Matter

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For those of you that have stuck around and been a fan of Ramblings for a while, you will know that I am not one to keep my mouth shut when it comes to something that just does not sit right with me.  I also have posted on the numerous injustices of police brutality and how the police force need to be held accountable for their actions and stop killing our matter what the color or origin.

I love the movement #AllLivesMatter because all lives do matter.  I know there are plenty of people out there that are racist or prejudice, however, I believe everyone is equal, we all bleed the same color blood.  I do not agree with treating people differently because of the color of their skin or sexual preference.  And because of this belief, I stand behind those that fight to make it publicly known there are still injustices in the United States that MUST be corrected.

With that being said, I find it very disheartening to find out that another teen lost his life to the hands of a police officer and #AllLivesMatter did not speak one word about it.  (Click here to read the full story)  Is this because the teen was white?  It has plenty of people wondering.

I understand that the #AllLivesMatter movement is geared to the awareness of the hardships of black people and I agree they do have hardships especially when it comes to police treating them respectfully, however, the title of the movement is ALL Lives Matter, not just blacks, Asians, Mexicans or white people.  If we as a society really want the injustices of the country to be overcome, then we as a society need to support each other, grieve with each other and speak up for each other.  After all, this is not just one races' issue...I have seen police kill all races, I have seen police brutally attack all races and this is cannot be tolerated.

Let's stop making this about race and come together to demand change for a better, safer life for all races.  Police officers are suppose to protect and serve...they are suppose to be color blind when it comes to protecting and serving....lets make this happen by being color bling ourselves (at least just for this cause).

-Rambling Holly

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