August 26, 2015

G.G. Martinsen 16 GB Mini Mp4 Player

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So, as most of you know, every once in a while, I am contacted by companies to test their products in exchange for my opinion.  It works out because I get free product just to try and provide my honest opinion about.  I also love doing reviews because it gives me a chance to try new products and let y'all know about them before you buy it.

That being said, I recently received a G. G. Martinsen 16 GB Mini Portable Mp3/Mp4 Player for free.  You can score your own for $20.29 on Amazon.  I must say that when I got it, I was thinking, what am I going to use this for, I have a stereo, a computer that has access to Youtube and Pandora, and I have a phone that plays music.

However, I am on this exercise kick to get my body in better shape and I don't want to bring my phone or lug a stereo with me down the road like they did with the big boom boxes back in the the mini player came in handy!

So, what are my thoughts on the actual player?  Check out the video to watch my review!

-Rambling Holly

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