August 5, 2015

Kindle Books: Fantasy/Science Fiction

Of course, I was able to find some great reads to share with y'all.  Don't forget to leave a review for the book on Amazon when you finished will help the author out.
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Mindguard by Andrei Cherascu (403 pages)
Missy the Werecat by P. G. Allison (400 pages)
Embers by Karen Ann Hopkins (396 pages)
Warrior's Bride by Gerri Russell (358 pages)
They Came Out After Dark by Chris Ward (319 pages)
Neworld Papers: The Historian's Tale by KB Shaw (312 pages)
Darkness Of Light by Stacey Marie Brown (308 pages)
Fledgling by Natasha Brown (278 pages)
Better Off Dead by H.P. Mallory (274 pages)
One is Come by C. H. MacLean (251 pages)

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