August 3, 2015

Life Hack: Morning Shoe Trick

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I don't know about y'all but first thing in the morning is so foggy and crazy for me.  Most of the time I would much pretend I never heard my alarm and go back to sleep.  Unfortunately, I like having a roof over my head and all that, so I cannot do that.

The problem with mornings for me, I am always forgetting something (most of the time) that I really needed to bring with me.  And of course, I spend most of the day thinking about how I even set the something by the door so I would not forget it.

Well, if you are like me, fear no more.  The trick to end this is to put that item or items in (or by) your shoes that you plan to wear that have to remember your shoes and most people put their shoes on right before they walk out the door.  So, you will see the item (or items) and will know that you have to take it with you.  Problem solved!

-Rambling Holly

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