August 10, 2015

Organizing Hack: Reuse Cereal Boxes

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I don't know about y'all, by I hate clutter.  Unfortunately, I also like to have things that will come in handy and I am always buying items that I can use whether it is in my daily life, professional life or spices and other items that will help me in the kitchen.

There is also the infamous junk drawer or catch all drawer that most of us have that we throw things in there that we will need again at some point but by the time we go for it, we have to dig through the drawer.

nicolette organization hacks (6)Well, I have the answer to that!  Reusing empty cereal or cracker boxes.  Just cut them down and keep the bottom intact so that nothing will fall out if you were to pick it up.

You could use these in your junk drawer to corral all like things together or you can do what this blogger did by labeling each box so that she could alphabetize her spices!  (She has a bunch of great ideas, you should check her out at How Does She?)

And if you are worried about the look, use contact paper to make each box look finished and unique!

Thank you, How Does She?

-Rambling Holly

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