August 31, 2015

Tip of the Week: BBQ Skewers Hack

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I know that we do not have much time left to enjoy a good old BBQ, however, if you do plan to get the most out of the few days remaining and what to cook some kabobs....I have a hack tip for y'all!

Have you ever tried your hand at grilling some kabobs?  I mean I have seen some great recipes all over the internet and magazines that had definitely made me want to see if I could create some yummy kabobs!

So, after you spend a little time cutting up the meat, veggies and possibly fruit that you are going to have on your kebabs, and you spend the time to assemble all the kabobs, you realize that once you start grilling them, you skewer sticks are to burn or worse catch on fire.  And if you are not careful, your skewer will just break apart.....URGH!!!

Well, ladies and gents, all of this frustration can be avoided by adding one simple step to your preparation.....before you start cutting everything to size....soak your skewers in cold water for 5 - 10 minutes!  Doing this will cut down on the skewers burning.  TA-DA!!!!!

-Rambling Holly

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