September 19, 2015

Kindle Books: Action/Adventure

I have been doing some digging and found some great kindle books for y'all to enjoy.
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Russian Hill by Ty Hutchinson (358 pages)
The Last Airship by Christopher Cartwright (357 pages)
An Involuntary Spy by Kenneth Eade (350 pages)
The Unsuspecting Mage by Brian S. Pratt (316 pages)
Books of the Dead by M.D. Reed (314 pages)
Beyond by Maureen A. Miller (302 pages)
The Nemesis Origin by Dean Crawford (301 pages)
Jacks Are Wild by Christopher Greyson (289 pages)
Cocaine Confidence by Clifford Thurlow (280 pages)
Alien Hunters by Daniel Arenson (270 pages)

-Rambling Holly
Play Dirty by Sandra Brown

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