September 14, 2015

Kindle Books: Children's

Good evening!  I got some great children's books for y'all to enjoy with your kids.
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Tommy Black and the Staff of Light by Jake Kerr (400 pages)
The Last Dragon Slayer by Martyn Stanley...(210 pages)
The Fifth Magic by Brian Rathbone...(208 pages)
Mason McQueen and the Gargoyle's Curse by Graham Batten (183 pages)
Where Does Panda Fit In? by Scott Gordon (131 pages)
Honey the Hero! by Emlyn Chand...(44 pages)
Webster's Bedtime by Hannah Whaley (34 pages)
Monster Ruzz Has to Go To the Dentist by Sarah Holmlund (23 pages)
My Silly Kitty by Laura Yirak...(20 pages)
There's a Monster in the Dark by A. J. Cosmo (20 pages)

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