September 14, 2015

Pampers Rewards Codes

Yay!!!!  I found new codes to share with y'all!  So, how many points do y'all have saved up so far?  I got 1140 points and that is just by entering free codes and that is it.  I have also cashed in some of my points a little while ago for some free magazine subscriptions.
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Cmp9emi8z4s2q15 - 15 points

FB39GR4AN9DP815 - 10 points

Tw39gr4an9dp815 - 5 points

*You can also score 50 bonus points!  While you're logged into your Pampers account, click here.*

If you want to get you little one interested in books, why not do it with Dr. Seuss?!  Right now you can get 5 books for $5.95!

-Rambling Holly

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