October 14, 2015

Garnier Ultra-Lift 2-in1 Wrinkle Reducer Review

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So, I must admit that I never really paid any attention to worrying about wrinkles...after all I am still in my 20's (at least for a couple more months).  However, my wise mother told me to smarten up and start caring for my skin now that why when I am her age wrinkles might not be such a problem.

I listened to my mother and she suggested that I start with Garnier Wrinkle Reducer.  I do have sensitive so it can be a difficult task finding products that react positively with my skin needs.

Garnier Ultra-Lift promotes that typically after 2 weeks of using twice a day, the user will notice smoother skin and wrinkle appearance will be reduced.  You can pick up your own bottle for about $12 at Target.

So, is it worth the $12 pricetag?  Does it reduces the appearance of wrinkles?  Check out my review video below to see what I thought about the product.

-Rambling Holly

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