October 15, 2015

Hot Topic: Sex Trafficking Sting Success

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So, this week's discussion is on a topic that is pretty near and dear to me.  Using children for sexual acts!  Whether it is sexual abuse from inside the home or if it is from being a victim of the sex traffic game....it all is sickening and needs to be stopped.  Children are suppose to have easy childhoods that will help them grow and be successful adults.  

When a child is subjected to sexual abuse of any kind, it rips away their childhood and leaves them with some psychological issues that may hinder them in adulthood.  Trust is a big issue that can occur as well as a low self-esteem.
Ramblings Thoughts Sex Trafficking Sting Success

I have watched plenty of documentaries on sex trafficking and it takes sexual abuse to a whole other level.  Not only are these children being forced to complete sex acts with strangers but they are also being subjected to drugs and psychological damage from their so called protectors...ie their pimps.  Children are made to believe that these pimps love them and care for them and by doing so, the children protect those that are harming them.  

Well, there recently was some great news for the movement to end sex trafficking.  Just yesterday the news released that in New York, the FBI has rescued 149 children (where the youngest one is 12 years old) and arrested over 150 pimps in their week long, nationwide operation to end this sickening injustice.  Click here for the entire article.

My hat goes off to the men and woman that are working day and night to find and rescue children and take down those disgraceful people who take advantage of children and make them into a dollar sign for those that want to take a child's innocence away.  I feel we all need to stand up and make sure that this sex trafficking is ending immediately.  No child should ever have to go through the torture that is involved in sexual abuse of any kind.  We need to also put a stop to allowing people to use websites like BackPage to promote the exploitation of children for sex acts.

-Rambling Holly

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