October 5, 2015

Kindle Books: Children's

I found some great children's books that I wanted to share with y'all!
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Riddle of Fate by Tania Johansson (320 pages)
The PureLights of Ohm Totem by Brandon Ellis (312 pages)
Skylar Robbins: The Mystery of Shadow Hills by Carrie Cross (261 pages)
The Lost Heirs by A. Moran-Soley (225 pages)
The Lunch Lady's Daughter by Roderick J. Robison (84 pages)
My Neighbor the Witch - When Cats Become Frogs by Simon Knight...(48 pages)
The Little Bleeble by A. J. Cosmo (42 pages)
Lula's Brew by Elizabeth O. Dulemba...(36 pages)
Who's There, Little Hoo? by Brenday Ponnay (26 pages)
Country Monkey Doodle Doo by Marcus Marley (19 pages)

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