December 7, 2015

Life Hack: Simple Stress Reliever

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We all know that this time of year is suppose to be a time of happiness....time where we get together with family and friends to enjoy each others' company, exchange gifts and break bread together.
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But let's face it...this is also the most stressful time of the year.  You could be stressed about seeing certain family members, all the cooking that has to be done, or even all the gifts that you have to buy.  Or you are just stressed in general, with work or life.

How to end stress right away....stop and take the time to smell an orange (or eat one).  Studies show that by doing this you will reduce your stress by 70%.

-Rambling Holly


  1. Orange essential oil is my favorite to help me get through the day for this reason.

  2. Oh that sounds great, especially the stress part.
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    Greetings Sassi