February 1, 2016

Fashion Hack: The Trick to Putting on Your Bracelet

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Image source: Crafty.com
Ok, so this week's tip is all about that annoying bracelet!!!  I only say they are annoying because if you are by yourself and trying to put the finishing touches on your outfit by added that perfect bracelet that just so happens to match your outfit just right....you are going to be moving and twisting your wrist all kinds of ways to try to get the dang thing latched!!!

It is SOOOO frustrating, especially when you are in a hurry because you took a little bit longer than expected getting out of the shower, picking out the perfect outfit or making sure your makeup is applied just right.

Ramblings Thoughts: Fashion Hack The Trick to Putting on Your Bracelet
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sarah Lipoff
Well, thanks to another adventure on Pinterest, I have found the solution to this frustration!!!  I must warn you, once you find out how easy this trick is, you might want to be kicking yourself for not thinking about it before (I know I did).

So, what is the magic trick???  Stick the bracelet to your wrist with tape and latch it with the other side.  And.....mind....blown!!!!

-Rambling Holly

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