March 14, 2016

Beauty Hack: Remove Winter Lips

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Did the winter cold weather do a number on your lips?  Are they chapped and peeling?
No one feels sexy with peeling, cracked lips.  It is time to get your sexy lips back just in time for the warmer weather and kissing your handsome hunk!
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So, how is the best way to get rid of those chapped lips?  Apply lip scrub to your pout and (lightly) scrub your lips with a toothbrush.  Wipe off and reveal those kissable smoochers!  After you will want to moisturize with a balm to keep them oh so soft.

You can check out these lip scrubs that taste amazing and are made with natural ingredients by clicking here.
Ramblings Thoughts Beauty Hack: Remove Winter Lips

-Rambling Holly

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