March 31, 2016

Captured & Caged Animals: The Truth

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For those that do not know, I am a big animal lover.  Growing up I had plenty of cats, dogs, birds and even rabbits to play with.  I even contemplated becoming a vet when I was a child.  Now there are certain animals that I do not like...such as spiders and snakes but that's ok, I still wouldn't purposely go out of my way to kill them.
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So, I was talking to someone close to me who is always opening up me to great information and he was telling me about this movie Blackfish.  If you haven't seen it, check it out, it is on Netflix right now.  Basically, the movie is about the killer whales at Sea World.  This movie has opened my eyes to so much.  When I was younger, I went to Sea World a few times and loved it, especial the big splash finale of the whale show.

I cannot believe the lies that employees are telling people.  Granted they are only following a script they are given but they are telling people that Killer Whales have a life expectancy of about 30 years in the wild and in captivity it is much longer.  But in reality, the life expectancy in the wild for a killer whale (and dolphin) are similar to humans.  They also tell people that the flopped over fin is normal and happens in the wild....not true...only about 1% of wild killer whale will have a flopped over fin.

Ramblings Thoughts: Captured & Caged Animals: The TruthThat is just like it really troubles me to realize that these whales are not rescue whales.  They were not rescued from a terrible situation or orphaned in the wild and taken in.  Some of these whale have actually been taken from their mothers in the wild just for the purpose of becoming a Sea World whale.

My take away from this documentary, is no matter how much we may love animals, there is absolutely no reason why we should be capturing animals to make them entertainment pieces by having them do tricks or punish them because they do not do what we ask of them.  There is so much about whale and other animals that we do not understand, so why can't we just enjoy them in their own environment and love them by respecting them and their environment.

Ramblings Thoughts, Discussion, Current Events, Killer Whales, Animals, Caged, Abused, Captured, BlackfishUnfortunately, Killer whales are not the only animals that are be exploited.  There are several videos out there on the wonderful world wide web that shows polar bears being put in small cages forced to do tricks and suffer in hot climates they are not used to.  Or many of the animals that are part of circus acts, the videos are numerous.  I get that it cute to see a killer whale or a tiger to seem not so dangerous and cuddly but let's face it....that is not a good idea.  To be completely honest, we as a society have seen where even some dogs just snap and attack for no reason....because it is in their natural.  Not all animals are meant for us to tame and make as our pets.

It is one thing to rescue animals in need but people need to have the proper environment for that rescued animal.  It should be as close to their natural habit as possible and definitely big enough and safe for them to grow and not be harmed in any caregivers or other animals.

What are y'alls thoughts?  Have you watched the movie Blackfish?  What did you think of it?  Don't be shy, tell me your thoughts on this matter.

-Rambling Holly

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