March 3, 2016

Don't Teach Tolerance, Teach Acceptance

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It has been the growing trend for all of us to teach our younger generations to tolerate differences in other people....from lifestyles, religion, color or behavior.

But tolerance is not what we should be teaching youth.  Tolerance by definition is the ability or willingness to "allow or permit" something that person doesn't necessarily agree with.  Since when does any of us have the right to approve or permit the way someone else lives?  If a person feels that they will find the one love of their life through the arms of the same sex, it is not my place to permit it!  Or if a person believes in a different God than I do or doesn't believe in a God at all, it is not anyone's' place to allow that person to believe that.

Acceptance!!!  It is the "agreement with or belief in an idea, opinion, or explanation".   I get that everyone has their own opinions and beliefs, everyone has the right to decide how they want to run their life.  With this in mind, acceptance is the best way to go.  I accept that even though I am a heterosexual female and I have my own personal beliefs on religion and whatnot, there are other people out there that have beliefs that differ from mine.

I believe this is what we need to teach our youth.  Accept that people are different and it is ok, it is what makes the world interesting and what is the foundation of North America....freedom to choose our own beliefs.  I personally believe that tolerance just continues the cycle of hatred.

Acceptance goes a long way.  In fact, just the other day I was talking to a coworker, and I love debates.  I love being able to have an open discussion with people of different beliefs so that I can learn and grow.  It just so happened that my coworker felt the same way, he has his own beliefs but knows that other people may differ and that does not stop him from having a conversation about beliefs.

Our discussion was on homosexuality.  I am under the belief that we all deserved to find someone that loves us as much as we love them; it should not matter to anyone outside of that relationship whether it is two men, two women, or male and female of different long as they love each other.  Now, my coworker does not believe in homosexual relationships.  That is his right to believe that, however, I asked him what would he do if one of his children came to him and said that they are in love with someone of the same sex.  He said that he would not support it but his love for his children would never change.

Even though I do not agree with his beliefs, this discussion did not end with a battle of words or leave either one of us hating each other.  That is acceptance at its finest.  It is also acceptance that he portrays when he says that he may not support his children's decisions but he will not stop loving them.

I posted another discussion piece away back that involves needing to learn acceptance involving a young child who was born a boy but lives as a here to check it out. What are your thoughts?  Let's open this up for a honest and respectful discussion.... USA, LLC

-Rambling Holly

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