July 27, 2016

Blogger Spotlight: Inspired By Charm

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I am always surfing the internet for different ways to decorate my home.  I love watching shows on tv that decorates homes on a budget.  With me moving into a new home today, I have been doing more and more research on decorating and DIY to save money and to be able to add my own touch.

Now, I have found some really great DIY projects that I would love to do but they are either very time consuming or expensive.  I know it would be worth the money but right now I just can't afford big expenses.  So, I have filtered my searches to only show me budget friendly DIY decor projects.

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Picture Source: Inspired by Charm
Today's blogger spotlight is Inspired by Charm.  Blogger Michael shared a very simple but awesome DIY project for our kitchens.  Now, we all know those alphabet magnets that parents have on their refrigerators....they are cute but they are not very attractive or does not really flow with any decor other than decor of a parent with small children (no offense).

Michael, however, shows readers step by step how to create gold alphabet magnets that adds a little bling to your kitchen.  Click here to check it out.  If you want to stay connected to Inspired by Charm connect with their social media accounts:


-Rambling Holly

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