July 8, 2016


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Whether you are just starting out or have been in this blogger game for a while, one very important key to being successful is getting your blog out there.  One way to do that is signing up of opportunities that will get your blog's social media accounts noticed.  Here are some great opportunities, just let them know Ramblings Thoughts sent ya!

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$150 Target Gift Card Giveaway (deadline 7/9) *Free Twitter*

The "August Edition" LootPets Giveaway (Deadline 7/17) *Free links of choosing*

$100 Paypal Giveaway (Deadline 7/18) *Paid options*

$100 Back to School Giveaway (begins 7/20)  *Paid options*

Back to School $1000 Cash Giveaway (begins 7/29) $Paid Co-Host slots*

OoRoo Sponsored Posts/Social Shares (Paid $25 for sharing pre-written message on FB and Twitter if selected)

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-Rambling Holly

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