July 7, 2016

Condoning Bad Behavior: Allowing the Craziness

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So, I am the first one to say that social media can be a great asset to our lives.  Not only can you keep in touch with family and friends that now longer live close, you can also use social media to stay current on any interest you may have but you can also find people you have been looking for (check out my other post, Social Media Benefits).  In fact, a close family member of mine found her half brother through social media.
Ramblings Thoughts: Condoning Bad Behavior: Allowing the Craziness

However, even though there are many benefits to social media and the world wide web, there are major drawbacks.  People you don't want finding you, can find you.  Identity thieves are stealing people's identity that shop through the internet and more importantly I am noticing more and more inappropriate sharing on social media.

I am a firm believer that there are just some things you should not be sharing with the world of social media!  I am sure we all know someone (even if it is yourself) that tends to air their dirty laundry on social media.  I will admit there have been some times that I did it.  But I grew to realize, why do that....people on social media, no matter who they are, will not help you through your situation and there are at least a few that will actually enjoy reading that you are going through it.

Aside from airing dirty laundry all over social media, there is other more inappropriate stuff being allowed to spread all over social media.  As far as I knew, social media companies such as, Facebook, do not allow nudity of any form.  I know this to be true because it was not too long ago, Facebook was taking down mastectomy tattoo pictures women were posting. However, at least once a week, on my news feed there is some form of nudity.  I have no issue with people being comfortable in their bodies and even willing to flaunt what they have but if the rule states no nudity, then that's what it means.  There are younger members that do not need to be seeing this on their news feed.

Ramblings Thoughts, Discussion, Hot Topic, Social Media, Inappropriate Posts, Sharing, Condoning, Bad BehaviorUnfortunately, nudity is just the tip of the iceberg.  Just today, I pulled up my facebook and as I was scrolling through my news feed, I came across this video posted about a woman who caught her significant other cheating, so she decided to set his genitals on fire and that is what you see.  You see the man laying in bed sleeping and then she goes through the steps to set the fire.  Now, I understand the rage one feels when they have been cheated on...however, posting this video is telling other people that this is ok to do.  I really do not understand why this video is still up and being shared...it current has over 10 million views, over 55,000 shares and over 24,000 comments.  Granted there are comments that are against this woman but really why are we allowing this crap to be posted.  (I do not want to give this video anymore views, but if you would like to check out what I am talking about and see the video for yourself, click here.)

I do have to say, I understand wanting to get even with someone that has done you wrong, but we have to encourage appropriate behavior.  You can get even with someone by showing them how much better you are doing without them.  Why lower yourself to that person's level to seek revenge?  Prove people wrong...if they think you wont succeed....go hard towards your goal and surpass your goals.  If they think and show that you are not worth being faithful and loyal to....show them what they are missing when you have moved on with your life...whether it is by finding someone that is willing to treat you the way you deserve to be treated or just by focusing on yourself and being comfortable in your own skin and life.

All this is to say that we as a society need to stop condoning the crazy inappropriate posts and other nonsense and start flooding social media with positive posts and ways to help us grow personally and as a society.

Don't let me be the only one to rant, what are your thoughts?  I want to know what you have to say...am I over reacting?  Or do you side with me? 

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-Rambling Holly

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