July 20, 2016

Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Lotion

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Most people are out enjoying the beautiful, sunny weather that this summer has to offer!  But I know I hate putting all that time in the sun to get that beautiful sun-kissed glow (or burn), for the next week or so to be a peeling mess!!!

This is why when I was shopping for a sunscreen that would allow me to tan but still protect me and I stumbled across Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Lotion, I had to buy it!

It promotes 24 hour moisture right after a day in the sun.  It has a dual ribbon formula to help moisturize the skin with a rich lotion ribbon and a ribbon of aloe gel to cool the skin.

So, does it work?  Does it prevent the dreaded peeling?  Is it worth the $6.83 price tag?  Click below to check out my review video

-Rambling Holly

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