July 27, 2016

Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme Moisturizing Hair Styler

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Curly hair....not matter what ethnicity you are, if you have curly hair you know how difficult and time consuming it can be to get your hair to look the way you want it to.

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I know this has been a issue of mine for as long as I have been styling my hair.  I would add products after products to my hair so that I would have defined beautiful curls.  The only problem with this is the fact that all the products I was using was not only spending a hefty amount of money on the products but most of the time it left my hair crunchy because I used mousse or gel (or even both).  Then when I went to wash my hair, let's not talk about the hell I would go through trying to get all the products out and then brushing my hair after.

So, I eventually resulted to taking the time to straighten my hair or just throwing it up in a messy bun and calling it a day.  Now, I am not a girly girl that has to have her makeup done, hair and clothes just right but I do like to look good when I can.

I finally got some great information one day when I was getting my hair cut from a friend who is a hairdresser and more.  She told me that I have curly hair when all this time before that I thought I had wavy hair.  She said due to how long I keep my hair and the weight of it (because I have super thick hair), weighs down my curls.  She asked me how I style my hair and almost slapped me.  She said I have been going about styling my hair the wrong way, that I should be using curling cream and that is it to have defined curls, other than keeping my hair no longer then shoulder blade length or thinning my hair.

So, with that in mind, I started my search for curling creams that would work for me without being too expensive or leaving my hair looking like I haven't washed it in a month but still have a nice scent to it.

I had remembered that not too long ago I received some free samples for Miss Jessie and in those samples was a sample of Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme moisturizing curling cream.  It is said to be the perfect solution to dry kinky or curly hair.  On Miss Jessie's website, you can purchase an 8 oz tub of the Baby Buttercreme for $32 but you can also pick it up at your local Sally Beauty Supply Store.

So, is it worth the hefty price tag?  Does it help define my curls?  Does it smell good?  How does it leave my hair feeling and looking?  Click below to check out my video review.

-Rambling Holly

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