July 4, 2016

Money Saving Hack: Spending Less for Meat

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For all those of us that are single or if there is just two of you to cook for, shopping for meat can be a little difficult just because of the fact typically you cannot just buy one or two pieces of meat at least without paying more for it.

Well, I have figured it out.  I have found out two ways to save money on meat.  So the first tip, you can snag the great deals on the bulk meat when it is rock bottom prices and all that you have to do is break up the meat into 2 servings packages and freeze for later use.

The other tip, whenever you shop at a local store, such as, Publix, Winn-Dixie, Shaw's or Hannaford (just to name a few), you just pick a package of meat that you want and then take it to the butcher (the window you go if you want a cut of meat from the glass case) and just ask if they would repackage the meat into a smaller portion.  *Note, both local grocery stores that I shop at do not charge for this but your store may so just check before you have them repackage your meat. 

-Rambling Holly

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